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Welcome To Star Trek: Timebound!


My name is Tony, I am a pool guy and amateur Star Trek Adventures Game Master

This blog will serve as a means for me to share my Star Trek Adventures: Captain's Log solo play adventure.

The story begins when I, Tony Bass, and whisked away from my normal life in the year 2023, and mysteriously transported to a Starfleet outpost in the year 2239 - 216 years in the future!

Read the prologue to discover how I go from everyman to Starfleet Captain, then join me on an adventure through the cosmos!

I will be using the rules and probability matrices from the Captain's Log rulebook to create mission profiles, and then I will input these prompts into ChatGPT to generate a basic narrative. Whenever a character in the story attempts something significant, I will perform a "Task Roll" to determine the outcome. These rolls can dramatically alter the narrative and create thrilling Star Trek stories.

Be a part of the journey! Any feedback is welcome, and feel free to pitch any ideas you have for the story moving forward!

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