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U.S.S. Andromeda

Walker-Class Federation Starship

The U.S.S. Andromeda, led by Captain Tony Bass. Launched in the year 2246 under the command of Admiral Johnson.

The design of the Walker class consists of a saucer section with an integrated, laterally-positioned navigational deflector, a compact secondary hull, and two nacelles attached by pylons extending beneath the ship's superstructure.

The Andromeda has fifteen decks and two shuttlebays. It carries a compliment of shuttlecraft and worker bees, as well as escape pods which can be launched from breakaway panels lining the top of the saucer section.

Andromeda is capable of atmospheric flight by means of thrusters scattered over its ventral hull. The ship's armament included phase cannonsphasers, and photon torpedoes. The ship is equipped with internal and external plasmatic filters, an Improved Impulse Drive, Automated Defenses, and a Multi-Vector Assault Mode.

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USS Andromeda Personnel

Captain Tony Bass

Human Commanding Officer

Commander Liara Nara

Human/Vulcan Executive Officer

Lt. Commander T'Kara

Vulcan Chief Science Officer

Lt. Commander Kaur Malik

Andorian Chief Engineer

Lt. Commander Sofia Ramirez

Human Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Jaxx

Trill Chief of Security

Lieutenant R'Noren

Caitian Helm Operator

Ensign T'Vek

Romulan Communications Officer

Ensign Kieran Patel

Human Chief of Operations

Ensign Aria Sato

Betazoid Counselor

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